About Our Association

Midvale Park is a master planned community of 3550 homes in the southwest part of Tucson, Arizona bordered by Interstate 19 on the east, Mission Road to the west, Irvington Road to the north, and Valencia Road to the south.

The time and effort you put into your home will benefit you and the community! 

One of the best things that you can do as a homeowner is to set aside a little time on the weekends, or even once a month, to pull the weeds in your front yard, keep your fence freshly painted and in good repair, and to simply monitor the appearance of your property. Performing these simple tasks will enable you to build equity into your home. Ask yourself, "If I were looking for a home, would the appearance of my house attract me to the Midvale neighborhood?"  If you notice things that require repair or upkeep, take the time to address them, and you will reap the benefits by adding value to your home and neighborhood!  

Why do we have to have an association?  What's the point?

There are many reasons why homeowners associations are formed. Among them are: 

  1. Common area maintenance: There are extensive common areas within Midvale Park, especially lawn areas that require regular maintenance. Someone has to take responsibility for those areas, and so a nonprofit corporation - the homeowners association - was formed since no one particular homeowner could be responsible for the scope of those amenities.
  2. Document enforcement: Homeowners associations provide the legal means by which a community can be maintained to standards that increase property values and make it marketable. Although it may sometimes seem to be a personal annoyance to stick to these standards, in the long run the governing documents benefit all residents of Midvale Park. We always follow due process to enforce the CC&Rs. If owners are willing to offer their cooperation to resolve a noncompliance, this process goes smoothly. On rare occasions the process requires the intervention of an attorney in order to remedy outstanding problems. 

Who is Stratford Management and what do they do for Midvale Park?

Stratford Management has been selected to provide professional management for your Master Association, and serve as a line of communication with homeowners and residents. On behalf of your Master Association, Stratford Management makes regular tours of the entire Midvale Park community to ensure compliance with the CC&Rs. This is a very important asset in protecting your home's value.

Stratford Management also provides professional management services for the Master Association, including bookkeeping and financial management; interaction on behalf of the Master Association with the City of Tucson, Pima County, and other entities; and the general promotion of harmony among members of the Midvale Park community.  

By continually monitoring the compliance of every home with each of these restrictions, the Master Association can ensure that the aesthetic quality of the Midvale Park community remains at the highest possible level.

What is the Difference Between the Midvale Park Master Review Board and the Neighborhood Association?

We have received many calls from residents who do not understand the difference between the Midvale Park Master Review Board and the Neighborhood Association. This confusion at times has had some serious issues.

A merchant new to our Association made a presentation of his project's site plans to what he thought was the governing association of Midvale Park. When the Master Review Board contacted the architect to inform him that an architectural approval from the Master Review Board was necessary, he was quite surprised and stated that he had in fact already presented this to the Association, and that the President of the Midvale Park Association had been present. We then had to explain that the Master Review Board is the legal governing association of Midvale Park, ensuring that all the Articles, Bylaws, and Covenants and use restrictions are enforced.

The Neighborhood Association is made up of homeowners interested in promoting community activities and neighborhood harmony. The Neighborhood Association's president, Mr. Joe Miller, has done much for the community. When you see him, thank him for the wonderful work he has done for Midvale Park. If you wish to volunteer for various community activities, contact the Neighborhood Association.

However, the Neighborhood Association does not have authority to approve architectural changes to a home, nor to determine or waive homeowners' assessments. The Master Review Board handles the business of the Association and has a Board of Directors. If you have questions regarding the governing documents, assessments, or violation issues, contact Rita Faulstich, who serves as Project Manager for the Midvale Park Master Review Board, at 520-822-8041.

Problems the Association Doesn't Cover and Who to Call.

  • Animal problems, such as issue with a neighbor's pet, stray animals, or suspected mistreatment. Contact Animal Control at 520-743-7550. 
  • Pest control problems, such as termites, cockroaches or rodents.  Contact a licensed pest control specialist. 
  • Crime or security concerns; anything from vandalism to suspicious activity to stolen vehicles.  Contact the police immediately. 
  • Disputes between neighbors.  The Master Review Board does not get involved in disputes between neighbors. You should try to settle any conflicts directly with the party involved, or else seek mediation through a third party, such as the police. 
  • Warranties on your home.  Contact the builder. The Association is not responsible for warranties made by the builder. 
  • Zoning Code Violations, such as running a business from a residence.  Contact the Zoning Board. You can file a complaint online at pimaxpress.com by following the links at the bottom of the page. You can also report a violation by calling 520-791-4541 or the automated hotline at 520-740-6740.
  • Parking in a posted “No Parking” zone.  Contact the police. No parking zones are city ordinances, and not the Association's.
  • Plumbing problems in your home.  Contact a plumber. For information on the polybutylene pipes class action lawsuit, please contact:

Spencer Class Facility 
P.O. Box 81448 
Atlanta, Georgia 30366 
phone: (800)490-6997 
website: www.spencerclass.com