CC&Rs Explained

As you know, the Midvale Park Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) is a lengthy document that can take some time to read. It also has eleven amendments that are important to know and understand. The full document can be found on the residents area of the website.

We admit that the full document can be heavy reading, so we have summarized some of the sections that relate to questions most often asked by homeowners. 

Article IV-entitled "Use Restrictions"-is an especially important part of the CC&Rs. Homeowners often ask about the following topics: 

General maintenance of home and property

  • Each home and yard should be kept neat and tidy, so as to add to the overall appearance of the neighborhood. (Section H)
  • Yards must be kept free of weeds. (Section H)
  • Trash and recyclable materials must be stored in the barrels provided by the City of Tucson. No trash or miscellaneous unsightly items should be visible. (Section A)
  • Trash and recycling barrels have to be stored well away from the curb, except on pickup day. (Sections A and H)
  • Trees, shrubs, and other plants need to be kept trimmed so that they don't interfere with walkways. If a tree hangs over a sidewalk, the branches must be trimmed up to a height of at least 7 feet above the ground. (Section L)
  • Fences and walls are maintained by each individual homeowner. Chain link fences are not allowed. (Sections H and V)

Storage and repair of vehicles

  • Parking is restricted to the garage or carport and the driveway. (Section K)
  • No vehicle may be parked in any yard. (Section K)
  • Boats and very large vehicles must be stored either out of sight or outside Midvale Park. This includes: trailers, tractor trailers, semi-tractor trailers, motor homes, any vehicle larger than one ton, boats, campers, and recreational vehicles (etc.) (Section P)
  • Vehicle repairs can't be done in view of neighbors, streets, or walkways. (Section E)
  • Inoperable vehicles must be stored out of sight. (Section H)

Home improvements

  • Any exterior changes to a home or yard must be approved by the Midvale Park Architectural Review Committee (ARC) before the project is started.
  • After approval by the ARC, the project should be completed as quickly as possible, normally within 30 days from the start. (Section J)
  • Front yards should be covered with gravel and/or landscaping to cover the bare dirt. The color of the gravel should be of earth tones. (Section O)
  • All exterior colors should be muted tones with accent colors-no black, white, red, purple, or green (etc.)! White garage doors and/or roofs are not allowed. (Section O)
  • Functional items attached to the house (such as cables, gutters, downspouts, or roof-mounted equipment) must be painted to match the house. (Section N)

Noise or other nuisance

  • Excessive noise and neighborhood disruption are prohibited. (Section B)

Residential community

  • All properties are to be used for residential purposes only-no commercial business may be operated from a home.
  • The only signs or advertising allowed are "For Sale" or "For Rent" signs.

Obeying the law of the land

  • Midvale Park homeowners and their association (which is an Arizona nonprofit corporation) are obliged to live in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. (Section I)