Board of Directors


2019 Board Members 

President:   Bob Richter

V. President: Javier Dominguez

Secretary: Janie Caldwell

Treasurer: Wendy Lotito

Director Mike Herrier

Director: Allen Gainey

ARC Committee: Allen Gainey, David Caldwell, Mike Herrier

Midvale Park HOA Board meets the second Monday of every month, January – November at 6:00 pm 

Meetings are held at:  Sanctuary at Desert Dove Christian Church
                                   6163 S. Midvale Park Rd.
                                   Tucson, AZ 

Transfer fee: $100.00 Disclosure fee: $125.00

Assessments are $79.00 semi-annual. Payments are due 15 days after the due dates of January 1st and July 1st with a 10% Interest per Annum, late fees the greater of $15 or 10% of the amount of the unpaid assessment.



Weeds in yard, side yard and courtstrip
Debris in yard, side yard, carport and courtstrip
Vehicles parked in yard, side yard, sidewalk and courtstrip
Exterior change without ARC approval
Garbage and Recycling cans left out after pick-up
Broken gates or garage doors
Bare dirt in front of residence
Basketball hoops left out after play has ceased
Oil stains on driveway or curb
Upkeep of Home (painting, new window screens, etc.)  


The responsibilities of the Board of Directors include:

  • Reviewing all CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) to ensure compliance.
  • Reviewing all contracts with the Association to ensure that the homeowners' best interests are well represented.
  • Reviewing financial obligations for upkeep, taxes, insurance, upgrades, replacement of outdated equipment, etc.
  • Making recommendations on questions that affect our community as a whole, such as landscaping modifications, upkeep of walls, contract vendors, etc.
  • We encourage the involvement of as many Midvale Park homeowners as possible. One thing we are lacking is strong representation of Spanish-speaking homeowners.
  • Please join us every month to see what you can do to help keep our community vibrant and strong!  


Please feel free to contact Stratford Management with any questions at (520) 822-8041