Assessments Explained

Why do I pay dues? What are they used for?

Assessments are used to support the common property within Midvale Park and keep the association running smoothly. A sample list of such amenities and maintenance costs is as follows:

  • Maintenance of Common Areas
    • Landscaping
    • Irrigation parts and supplies
    • Plant, bush and tree replacements
    • Seed and fertilizer
    • Cleanup of common areas
    • Weed control
    • Equipment rental for special projects
    • Water/sewer
    • Wall and monument maintenance, repair and graffiti abatement
    • Electricity/lighting
    • Liability insurance for common areas
    • Contract management 
  • Professional Management
    • CC&R enforcement
    • Architectural review services
    • Legal and accounting services
    • Restorative Justice Program 
  • Administrative Expenses
    • Accounting and budgeting
    • Bank service fees
    • Directors and Officers insurance for Board and Committee Members
    • Permits, fees and taxes
    • Printing and postage

There are more new houses now. Why don't my assessments go down? 

Assessments may be reasonably increased in accordance with the governing documents in order to provide the additional funds required to sustain the amenities that are created whenever a new subdivision is built (entry monuments, lighting, landscaping, perimeter walls, etc.). Although new homes mean additional homeowners who can contribute to the overall income needed to operate the association, they also mean that the association's common area is expanding.

What do the landscapers do in the community? What are they working on?

Since Midvale is such a large community, it is necessary to divide the community into sections for landscape maintenance. If you do not see the landscape crew in your area every week, it is because they are rotating their work throughout the community to complete their maintenance schedule. Additionally, there are times when regular maintenance is temporarily delayed in order to address immediate problems such as irrigation leaks and graffiti abatement.  Items that the landscape crew addresses on a routine basis include:

  • Provide daily monitoring, maintenance and repairs of the irrigation system for all common areas, including checking lawn sprinklers, making spray adjustments, and cleaning heads.
  • Monitor all clocks (adjust for seasonal changes), lines, valves and heads.
  • Provide weed control for all common areas.
  • Mow all lawn areas as needed, but not less than once per week, to obtain a neat, manicured look.
  • Properly fertilize to maintain healthy green lawns and fertilize plants and trees for any deficiencies of nutrients as necessary.
  • Prune and trim all plant materials as necessary, and properly stake and guy all trees as necessary.
  • Perform weed control in all shrub and ground cover beds, and remove frost-damaged growth in the spring.
  • Control any disease or insect problems as necessary (e.g., by use of chemical foliar sprays, systemics, etc.) and remove parasites from native trees (e.g., mistletoe).
  • Apply a pre-emergent on all non-turf areas at least once a year.
  • Patrol all landscaped and common areas five days per week for trash and debris pickup.
  • Rake bare dirt and decomposed granite areas to display a neat appearance.
  • Make minor electrical repairs as needed.
  • Remove shopping carts that are abandoned in the neighborhood.
  • Repair damage caused by contractors, such as broken irrigation lines and torn-up grass.
  • Repair storm damage, such as removing uprooted trees and pruning damaged branches.