Architectural Review


Approved Gravel Colors: Apache Red, Classy Pink, Mission Red, Desert Mauve, Sandalwood Brown, Ivory Red, Desert Brown

Recommended Trees: Accacia, California Ash, Palo Verde, Mesquite, Citrus trees

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few of the architectural guidelines that govern Midvale Park. These guidelines are designed to protect and promote your property values. Your cooperation with that process is greatly appreciated.

Midvale Park's Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) state that homeowners must acquire approval before beginning work on any addition, modification, or improvement to their landscaping or to the exterior of their home. The CC&Rs ensure that the beauty and continuity of the community will be maintained, thereby protecting property values for all residents.

It is important to note that failure to comply with the Association's CC&Rs may result in fines that accumulate until the violation is corrected.

The following list includes some examples of architectural changes that require approval. However, this is not a complete list! If you have a question about a particular project, kindly call a Stratford Management representative (795-6500) or check your CC&Rs. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • pools and spas
  • ramadas, lattices, gazebos, play sets, and any backyard structure that can be seen from the street or neighboring properties
  • cables and antennas attached to your home
  • front yard landscaping, including fountains, walls, flagstone, benches, new plantings, and so forth
  • patios and patio covers
  • driveway coatings
  • wall extensions
  • privacy screening/screens/security doors and windows
  • repainting home and trim
  • any modification requiring a permit

Again, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of contacting Stratford Management if you have any questions regarding the information provided above, especially with respect to the ARC process. If you need additional forms or information, just give us a call (795-6500)!


Please do not begin an improvement, modification or any change to your property without first submitting your plans to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for review or approval.

Also note that the ARC has the authority to require a homeowner to remove a renovation that is not compliant with its review process and the governing documents. Please save yourself time and money by simply completing a review form and awaiting approval before beginning a project.

When you submit an ARC form, please include detailed drawings of your plans, along with photos or paint chips if appropriate. Kindly include copies of any permits that may be required for the project you are undertaking. Please also be aware that a particular improvement may require the written consent of your neighbor(s). After your submittal has been reviewed and a decision made, Stratford Management will inform you in writing.

Are you the owner of a rental? If you are, please be aware of the following most common problems, and their respective solutions:

  • The Association's governing documents are often not given to tenants. If you rent your home, please provide your tenant a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, CC&Rs, and Design Guidelines, or give them the address of this web site so they have access to these documents.
  • Owners do not always communicate with the Association when their home is rented. The Association must have a copy of all lease agreements for its records. This allows the Board and Stratford Management to communicate more effectively with the appropriate parties regarding neighborhood information, noncompliances, meeting schedules, and so forth.
  • Owners do not always inform the Association if there is a rental or property management agency, which may be contacted in case of an emergency with their home. Again, if you use a property manager for your home, please submit his or her information along with your lease agreement, so that the Association may keep accurate files and communicate with the correct person(s).
  • Homeowners do not always make sure that their tenants are well-informed about community services. Make sure your tenants know about trash and recycling collection days, and so forth.

Common Violations

The Midvale Park Master Review Board would like to thank homeowners who consistently strive to maintain their property, as well as those who promptly respond to written reminders of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) by addressing the appropriate issue. As we all know, these efforts benefit the entire neighborhood. Here are the most common violations of the CC&Rs:

  • Weeds in the front or side yard, court strip (area between the sidewalk and the street), and river rock or riprap areas.
  • Trees, bushes, or cacti that may be growing over the sidewalk.
  • Disabled vehicles stored in view of the street and neighboring properties.
  • Storage items left in view of the street and neighboring properties.
  • Using foil, cardboard, blankets, or other unacceptable window coverings.

Trash Containers
We have received numerous calls and letters concerning trash containers continuously left out on front yards. It is not against Midvale Park's CC&Rs to have these containers in view of the street as long as they are off the curb. However, the City of Tucson does have a time limit to get the trash containers off the sidewalk by 8:00 PM on trash day. Those who violate the code will be fined. Anyone wishing to report violations can do so by calling the City of Tucson's Solid Waste Management Department at 520-791-3175.

Children's unruly behavior at bus stops 
A common complaint is children's unruly behavior at bus stops. Please remember that you are legally responsible for your children's actions at bus stops and elsewhere. In the recent past, Midvale Park parents have been fined for the actions of their children.

Street Maintenance 
A reader asked if the streets in Midvale still have street sweeping. The answer is yes; however, the streets of Midvale belong to the City of Tucson, not the Association.  If you have questions regarding the City's street sweeping schedule, please call the office of Street Maintenance at 520-791-3191.

Why Can't I Park My Car In My Yard? 
Yes, it is your yard, but when you bought your home in Midvale Park you signed an agreement (at closing) that you would abide by the rules of your homeowners association. One of these rules is that no vehicle may be parked in the yard.

When you first moved in to Midvale Park, this may not have been a problem for you, but as your family grew older and your children wanted their own vehicles, you realized you were running out of parking space. That is one explanation we hear frequently for this violation of the CC&Rs.

Although it may be inconvenient for you to find another parking area for your vehicles, it must be done.

A neighborhood with numerous residents using their yards as parking lots is unsightly. Even though it temporarily solves a parking problem, it brings down the value of our property, which is what we all want to protect. The "curb appeal" of the whole neighborhood is greatly improved if everyone's vehicles are parked where they should be, in the carport or on the driveway.

Be warned that if you are violating this rule, your account will be fined — or worse, sent to the Association's attorney for prosecution. In the end, it pays to stick to your agreement and completely avoid parking in your yard!

FRIENDLY REMINDERS: Please don't forget to maintain the court strip area. That's the area between the curb and sidewalk. This seems to cause some confusion at homes on corners and cul-de-sacs. If you have corner property, the court strip that wraps around the front and the side of your house is your responsibility to maintain. At a cul-de-sac it's the responsibility of the two neighboring homes to maintain the court strip, each homeowner being responsible for half of the area.